Tuesday, October 29, 2002

More Undead News and Resources

Duke University Study Recommends the Living Wear Bicycle Helmets Around Undead-Americans

Georgegore Albush Declared President - A Red-Letter Day for All Composite Undead-Americans

A Nice Interview with Spike and Drusilla - The Vampire King & Queen of the Bon Mot

Continuing the Honor Roll of Undead-Americans and Other Undead Role Models

Amelia Earhart



Xena & Gabrielle

The Six Million Dollar Man

The Bionic Woman


Note that I've expanded my definition of the Undead to include cyborgs, i.e. everyone with an artificial vital organ; actually, I'm including everyone who wears glasses or any other life-enhancing prosthesis, has no magazine subscriptions, and wears out-of-style clothes. You yourself my unwittingly be eligible for my Undead Honor Roll. I think the Undead Continuum can be roughly outlined as this:


|-Residual Floating Energy Presence ~ Bottle-genie ~ Patron Saint/ Spirit Guide/ Deified Dead Person ~ Poltergeist ~ Zombie ~ Vampire ~ Cyborg ~ Basic Standard Issue Geek ~ Librarian -|
Honoring Our Inspiring Undead-Americans and Their Role Models

For the next few days I'm going to try to make a list of Inspiring Undead for us to think about as we approach the Day of the Undead (Oct. 31) which is followed by All Saint's Day (the day to honor the Goody Two-Shoes Undead, aka Hallows -- the 31st is Hallow's Eve, or Hallowe'en), and then the Day of the Dead (those who may be eligible for the Undead roster if they play their cards right).

Here we go. Some of my Favorite Undead (see definition of Undead in yesterday's blog entry if you need to):





Angel and Spike, Buffy's lovely boytoy Vamp camp-followers

the Virgin of Guadelupe

to be continued...