Thursday, April 03, 2003

A Contribution to My Collection of Bad Celebrity Poetry, By Donald Rumsfeld.

Yes, he says existential, effusive, poetic things. A journalist just added the line breaks.

A PBS airing of "Blair's War" tonight featured a review of how Rumsfeld fucked up our relationship with Europe: he actually did say that France and Germany are "old Europe" and when we think of Europe today we think a little further East. Like RUSSIA? Russia, who is more and more reluctant to issue visas to US citizens because they just don't want our business anymore? Russia, who was just visiting its ally Saddam Hussein the week before we started bombing, probably making another arms deal?

Today, A Competing Lego Tarot Deck, Would You Believe

Ok, Playmobil, technically, but still. Mystical plastic square bendy figures.

I like the happy smiling blondes chained to the Devil the best.