Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Images from the North Country

They've got the annoying masthead watermarked over the middle of each photo, but you can get a pretty good feel for the North Country from the photo archive of the Watertown Daily Times.

It only goes back to August 2006, so you can't see the work of Peter Barber, who worked for the Times when I lived there. My parents joked that he was the family photographer since at one point or another everyone ended up in the paper for some reason. Luckily not for being part of the crime news notes (yet).

Here's an award-winning photo by Peter Barber. I love the women's sports photos from the North Country. Up there, it's only high school sports, where there is as much glamour and success among the young women as among the young men-- actually, the women's teams tend to be more successful. My old alma mater South Jeff Central has a women's varsity basketball team that wins the state championship in its division every year.

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